7 planet-friendly veg boxes in manchester

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

have you ever tried a veg box? the idea can feel a bit daunting, but here are 5 great reasons to give it a go:

  1. to support local growers & ensure they are paid fairly

  2. to minimise food miles by sourcing uk grown fruit & veg

  3. to reduce reliance on the carbon intensive tech needed to grow food out of season

  4. to eat fresh & varied produce, some you will have never tried before!

  5. to minimise packaging and even go completely zero waste

sounds great right? luckily for us, there is a great selection of schemes in and around manchester!

⎸1 ⎸ veg box people

veg box people is supported by the kindling trust, who work tirelessly on sustainable food systems. the produce is from organic small scale growers, mostly within 50 miles of manchester. to save on food miles, the veg box is not delivered to your door but to a neighbourhood "hub".

  • weekly subscription to pick up from a choice of 18 collection points in manchester

  • small veg £9 ⎸medium veg £12.50 ⎸large veg £15.85 ⎸fruit £5


⎸2 ⎸ groo

the produce in groo's veg box is exclusively from their carbon neutral farm in heigh leigh by knutsford. it's all about quality, not quantity! on top of the vegetables, you can add honey, eggs, local apple juice & bread to your delivery. It is all organic & locally / ethically sourced of course.

  • weekly subscription with home delivery in manchester and cheshire

  • small veg £14.75 + fruit £18.95 ⎸medium veg £15 + fruit £22.75 ⎸large veg £21.95 + fruit £24.95


⎸3 ⎸ manchester urban diggers

manchester urban diggers is a group of gardeners in greater manchester. their focus is on food, community, wellbeing and creating spaces in the city for people to grow food. the produce in this veg box is from the platt fields market garden in fallowfield and local growers - and is 100% organic.

  • one off delivery available, as well as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription

  • pick up from platt fields market garden on saturdays

  • home delivery in manchester and salford on saturdays

  • pick up £10 home delivery £15


⎸4 ⎸ mccall's organics

this scheme offers a wide range of fresh organic produce. mccall's is an iconic shop in the city centre and other items from the store can be added to your delivery as well. email ordersmccalls@gmail.com to place an order.

  • not a subscription

  • pick up mondays and thursdays

  • home deliveries with 7km of their city centre location on tuesdays and fridays

  • small £10 medium £15large £20


⎸5 ⎸ foodlife

this box scheme has been family run since 1995 and offers organic, local and seasonal produce in the manchester / cheshire area. they work primarily with a small list of farmers in the north west and take pride in offering a variety of produce. the prices are very reasonable and students can also get an extra 10% off.

boxes are currently showing out of stock on their website as they deal with unprecedented demand so email anna@foodlifeorganic.co.uk to get your order in.

  • one off or weekly subscription for 4 weeks home delivery in greater manchester

  • fruit: small £7.95 ⎸medium £13.75 ⎸large £17.75

  • veg: small £10.95 ⎸medium £13.90 ⎸large £17.05

  • fruit and veg: small £13.75 ⎸medium £19.25


⎸6 able & co

able & co has been expanding for the last 30 years, and they have stayed close to their ethical values. the produce is 100% organic and seasonal. an entirely uk grown box is available if you wish. the price range is a little bit higher at able & co but you can choose to add a number of products to your weekly delivery.

  • weekly subscription with home delivery

  • small from £13.25 medium from £16.50 large from £24.75


⎸7 ⎸riverford

riverford originally came from devon and grew into a large uk wide business over the years. they still focus on working with small-sale family farms to be as sustainable as possible. the produce is organic, seasonal, local and mostly plastic free. riverford have so many options to choose from. we've counted 18 different boxes!

  • one off delivery available as well as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription

  • seasonal box from the eu: small £12.65 medium £15.35 large £20.55

  • seasonal box from the uk: medium £14.95

  • zero package box from the eu: medium £15.35


⎸& ⎸special mention


manchester-based creamline has a wide range of packaging-free local veg, which you can purchase online for a home delivery. not a veg box, but very convenient!


veg box mcr

veg box mcr is associated with grub, manchester's most iconic weekly street food event. the box contains a mix of fruit and veg in generous portions. however, the produce is not organic and not always local.

  • not a subscription

  • home deliveries available in manchester / stockport on saturdays and manchester / bolton on sundays

  • one size £25


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