MANCHESTER, January 2019.


Like minded individuals came together as a team; wanting to take environmental action. We wondered how we could turn our every day lives in Manchester into acts of environmentalism.


We quickly came to realise that Manchester was filled with brilliant planet positive events! Tree planting, neighbourhood clean-ups, zero waste stores; Manchester has the tools and the people to become a truly green city. However, why aren't these sustainable activities getting the attention they deserve? 

This is our challenge to solve and Circular City MCR was born.


Read on to get to know us better!

As an adopted Mancunian, I often find myself in awe of the creativity and resilience of people here. There are so many individuals facing the climate change concerns at their own level and at a national level. These people are truly building towards a liveable future

I am incredibility proud that Circular City MCR will bring more attention to them. 

On a personal note, I am on a plastic free journey so you will probably find me at zero waste events!

Campaign Manager


As a geographer, being sustainable and finding ways to look after our planet has always been important to me. Co-founding Circular City MCR provided a perfect opportunity to increase awareness of green events and initiatives, whilst also making a difference to Manchester. I really enjoy meeting people who are actively engaged in making Manchester, our society and the future better for all.

Communications Manager


Disclaimer: None of the events featured on Circular City MCR are paid promotions.

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