why we do what we do.

we believe that action is the best cure for eco-anxiety. 

climate action isn't only protests, pamphlets and policies (although those are absolutely critical!). climate action also takes the shape of everyday environmentalism, the act of just trying your best for the planet.


from tree planting, to food rescue and zero waste markets, there is always a way to bring climate action into your plans!

circular city mcr is here to bring everyday environmentalism to life. 


we put a spotlight on the people & organisation who really care about building a greener world.

manchester is home to an amazingly vibrant & welcoming  planet-friendly movement. start exploring it today!


useful ressources.

getting started 

calculate your carbon footprint 

read about manchester's strategy to tackle climate change

use ethical consumer to guide your choices!


join envirobookclub and read along

join green drinks mcr to chat all things sustainability


get a renewable supplier with the big clean switch mcr

install a smart meter if you can

read through united utility's water saving tips 


join a fruit & veg box delivery to eat seasonal and local

ditch meat, check out vegan restaurants 

use a seasonal food guide to reduce food miles

grow your own food


explore low & zero waste near you - start here

ditch single use plastic #plasticfreegm

swap or repair clothes, check out stitched up 


walk, cycle or take public transport whenever you can

if you have to fly, always offset


donate your time, your money or you voice. these all matter!

volunteer in person with city of trees for example

volunteer online with catchafire

switch your banking & pension to ensure your £ never funds fossil fuel 

protest - always peacefully

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